These are the aims of the Looking-Glass Dental Practice


  • Helping you to look great


  • Optimising your health

Studies have shown links between oral health and general health. Diabetes, heart disease, and arterial disease are all conditions that are connected to oral health


  • Prevention

Reducing your need for treatment. We demonstrate techniques, putting the skills you need into your hands. We give advice on diet, smoking and alcohol. We do regular soft tissue examinations to check for early signs of problems


  • Dentistry by choice, not need

Apart from regular checkups, we want you to come to us because you choose to make specific changes, rather than for emergency treatment


  • Minimally Invasive Dentistry 

    Thanks to advances in knowledge and technology, today complex surgical procedures are often not necessary


  • Painless dentistry

We always use a surface anaesthetic before commencing sub-surface anaesthesia. We use a very small, fine needle to numb the area before doing the main injection. This way you really won't feel a thing!


  • Taking time and checking

We make absolutely sure that the anaesthetic has taken full effect before we start any work: always listening to what you tell us, so that you are always in control