At the Looking-Glass Dental Practice we believe how you are treated as a person is as important as how you are treated as a patient.


We believe in:


  • Listening to you

We work with you to achieve what you want


  • Treating you with care

We treat our patients in a friendly way, with courtesy and respect


  • Always being aware of your feelings

We understand the feelings of fear so many people have about dentistry. We take those feelings seriously, understanding that they can be due to trauma - often in childhood -  and we work hard to replace those bad experiences with good ones!


  • Establishing a relationship of trust  

We will ask you to tell us what you are experiencing, and then modify our approach based on what you tell us. 


  • Taking time to demonstrate

We will take time to show you, with calm and patience, how to take better care of your teeth. This time will be one of the best investments you will make in your health. A disease-free mouth needs maintenance-only dentistry.